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For the Gary Numan fans we have visit here, I thought I would
mention this great site run by our long time friend Karl Sherlock.
If you haven't been there before you should pop in and read everything
about the 8 acts that Gary had signed to the Numa label in the mid 80's
and if you have been a visitor before visit again, as extensive updates
and a whole new look and feel to the site has been added... I have been
a regular visitor and always find something new to read as there is so much.


If you have ordered or already received your new T&T audio CD's then
I would like to hear what you think. I feel the CD's on offer are of exceptional
value but I'm bias, so let me know what you think....

Plus for an interview which I hope will be ready to post by launch of the album
I need your questions. So please mail your questions for Tik and Tok to me now.



Well with January approaching fast and a brand new year
Tik and Tok are getting ready for the release of their second
album "Dream Orphans". You can also expect some new photos
a brand new interview as we catch up on the last year and we ask about
promotion of the album and what it's been like performing again....
But for now can I once again thank everyone for their support, it means
everything, and I knows the boys love it too, so lets push that
little bit harder in 2007, after all it was us that wanted them back,
now they are here.....Let's enjoy it...All the best...



will be performing a 3 song special guest appearance

at Underworld in Camden, London on January 6th,
along with their fellow electro pioneers The Sepia.

More info available from:





Tik & Tok launch their brand new business enterprise.

Coming soon to a planet near you!


Rob Dyer from the DSO website has 2 new goodies online for you to look at.

The first is a review of the TIK & TOK CD EP "Slightly Deranged" which you can find at:

and the second is a brand new TIK & TOK interview:



"Monkey Boys" video clip live at Koko 30.4.06 now available for a peek on the T&T MySpace page!


Here's TIK & TOK having a quiet moment with one of their German fans last weekend at DarkSideCon in Bonn.

Oh, suffer!


Two new tracks added to the Tik & Tok page on


Please follow these links for some reviews of the T&T Elektrofest P.A.

Special thanks to Rob Dyer for these two:

and here's a couple more: (scroll down to Weds. May 3rd)

And here's one from a girl named Zed:

"However, I decided to go ahead with my "get drunk before Iris come on" plan, and I'm glad I did, because it was at this point Tik & Tok appeared. I've watched roughly four hundred bands in my lifetime and theirs was by far the most surreal performance I've ever seen. After some enjoyable electronic music, two figures came onto the stage, clad in floor-length black coats and ghastly grinning bald monkey-eared rubber masks. They then proceeded to perform a dance routine, moving in a jerky fashion but with a terrifying super-charged emotional energy between them. The sparse crowd swelled and the cameras came out. The track ended and they removed their masks and coats, only to reveal that what they were wearing underneath was only marginally less sinister - plain black suits and "tidy" corpsepaint. They both sung a nifty Numan-esque song with one repeated line, which I can't remember, but it was something to the effect of "We're leaving now". Then, good as their word, they threw a bunch of fliers at the audience and walked off. Naturally I could have quite happily seen more, but I was deeply impressed".


Here's a couple of screenshots of T&T performing live on stage

at Elektrofest in London on 30th April. There will be more gigs to come. Stay tuned.


Life - size TIK & TOK PIZZAS are here!

Lovingly fashioned to resemble our boys!

Best sellers are: the "Vile Bodies" with extra pepperoni and peppers and the "Cool Running" Deep Pan with extra mushrooms, a sprinkle of Smarties and a really cheesy crust.Many more varieties available to order. Delivered by hand to your door by our own personally trained monkey men. Yes, they know where you live!

Prices available on request.

Smack those lips in anticipation!




They will be doing a 2 number special guest slot at ELEKTROFEST 2006 on Sunday

April 30th at KOKO in Camden Town, London.

Don't miss it. It's gonna be special!

You've been waiting for this. Now it's here.



For more details:


The Boys are in Germany as we speak, signing autographs for Star Wars fans. But they found time to e-mail us this pic of them with actress Maryam D'Abo. Who made her debut in the cult Horror Flick "XTRO" back in 1982, alongside our two heroes Tik & Tok . She shortly afterwards found fame and fortune co-starring with Timothy Dalton as 007 in the movie "The Living Daylights'.

All 3 looking good we think you'll agree!


"What, are our flies open? Have we started yet?"


Here's a review of the new T&T track 'Dangerous Curves'

(currently to be heard as an MP3 on the T&T page on by SurvivalDanceMan.

We like it so much that we want you all to read it!

" Regarding the 'Dangerous Curves' track featured on tik & tok my space. I was once again shocked by the track i heard called dangerous curves, the track was so outstanding that i had to play it over and over again. somehow i nearly was thinking i was dreaming and had hit myself on the head to come to terms that i was listening to one hell of a track. tik & tok have done it again, this track is a monster electronic dance piece of excellence, it has an injection of the old tik & tok style while given a huge up to date electronic sound of 2006. once again i cant explain how it is so great to see a group that formed in the 1980s who were doing great stuff then and come back to day in 2006 and perform such outstanding music. there are plenty of 1980s bands that i like and most of them have returned back again doing music for the new generation but haven't quite made the mark like they had done in the past.

Tik and Tok are the only band so far who have come back and have impressed me so much that i am beginning to now believe that they are the gods of electronic dance music of today. its a pity i wasn't in the music industry and owned a major record company as tik & tok would instantly qualify for a huge contract and a major deal. These so called fat record company managers are too busy looking at money making ideas and groups to enlist on their payroll so they can line their pockets with money, plus these bands never last more than a few years. i think its about time that someone tapped these guys on the shoulder and tell them to wake up as the future is tik and tok, this is way forward .

Dangerous curves has to be the definitive track i have heard in a long time, its gears up to no nonsense dance electronic music, featuring excellent samples and guitar type riffs, i been waiting for years to hear this type of music to surface in 2006 and by Christ someone has done it, i would be very honest in my words that i would happily raise my cheque book and pay whatever to have tik & toks music on CD which is a lot more than can be said for stuff i have paid through the nose for from other artist who haven't a clue to satisfy the paying customer and the music sometimes is never as good quality as i have heard today on my space which has to be dangerous curves. I don't need to hear the album when it comes, i already know its gonna be the best quality product that i have been waiting for for many years. tik & tok are worth opening a bottle champagne over and i will be supporting them 100 per cent. thanks tik & tok i rest my case. cheers and thanks for Ziggy for making the site possible and the guys of tik & tok. bravo, bravo, par excellence, SURVIVALDANCEMAN."

Aaah, Bless!!



Well it had to happen someday!

Bloody old Darth sneaks up with his Stormtrooper mates when you least expect it.


'Slightly Deranged' CD EP now on sale at

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"Two androids in an out of control spaceship about to crash land

on a planet populated only by sex-starved female aliens!"

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